Get to know yourself.

We are unused to contemplation and instead are conditioned to distraction: seeing the film of the day, flitting from screen to screen and not knowing, quite, how to locate or name feeling.

Now the television trains us to jump with Joe, cook with Jack, craft with Kirstie and tidy every corner of our lives, except our heads; except our hearts which toughen and crack, split in two when we are unable to say goodbye as our loved die. We stay inside and eat, can’t sleep, un-wrest peace from solitude, unused to contemplation, frightened of our unknown selves in flight, fearful of the gift of life inside.

Take time – a moment here and there to pause and notice that, breath is shallow, muscles taut, the mind a bully on the back.
Breathe deeply, exhale stress;
notice how you’re feeling –
and the voice that dominates your thinking.

Take back choice.

Spend two minutes now and then noticing yourself.

Breathe acceptance, own your feelings,
notice how you think.
Hold a brief internal meeting,

Find out how you tick.

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