Perspective: for Ron Freeborn.

I’m grateful for the sun, today,
My son and daughter, everyday
My granddaughter more
Than even I can say.
I’m glad they thrive,
we’ve all survived,
As yet.
I’m in debt to those who left,
An attitude of mind:
Accountants who had column lists
Of uncounted gifts
Socialists who understood that tax
Was a way of giving back
Conservatives who knew
I could do more than I do
Liberals who afforded me
Time to find out how to be
Artists who taught me that this
Mess next door to where I live
Finds beauty in its symmetry
Poets who’ve addressed the source
Of this narcissist’s remorse
Positive Psychologists
Marxists, racists, egotists
All my friends and enemies
Thrillers, Documentaries
Colleagues I have frowned upon
Lovers I have hidden from
People I have hurt,
and that I have learnt:
Love is all that’s any worth.

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