Act as if

Act ‘as if’

At first I shouted back,
‘being white’s as much ‘a matter’ as is being black’,
fought my corner,
knew my rights;
‘Emmeline Pankhurst gave her life – fighting for my liberty – she was white and set me free – don’t you threaten MY liberty – I’ll call in the authorities.
Shutting me up is just the same except the silenced is not BAME.’

But now I’ve woken up.
It’s not my turn, this time.
Pankhurst gave her life for mine.
Now – it’s only fair,
I lend my vote and voice
to my sisters, others, brothers,
that – like me – they might –
live to salve another’s plight.

Now –
however hard it is –
not to argue, hissy fit –
(silence stroppy stamp foot git
hidden safe within white skin)-
Now –
however hard it is
not to tell THEM
how it is
for US –

Even if tokenistically
I’ll Act as if – until ‘if’s’ ‘it’,
Act as if I give a shit.
Live ‘as if’ until ‘it’ is.

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