Sucking up to pacifism

Sucking up to Pacifism.

I am a nervous type,
a batterable wife,
curt, insensitive and bright;
loud, an arrogant, opinionated swine;
kind compassionate and wise;
encouraged from an earlier age
to argue and to fight for rights
to have a chance to sway
tomorrow’s world today.

Now it’s here I find my views
redundant anyway.

I and others of the line
women who insisted they
had a voice and right to speak
would not have died – just – if –

the world they’d entered in
offered rights to everyone
of any class or gender, face
equal place in the human-race.

What if they’d not lost lives
Fighting for my right to vote?

What if those, while I’m alive,
Die but win the right
To equal lives for everyone
Another temporary end to fights.

Must we have more dead?
Can’t we vote for love instead?

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