Should …

Many disabilities and discomforts are invisible and further screened from view by Covid and generic calls for this to close, that to be off bounds and lives to be saved: a catch22.

I stress however: until vaccinated: safe – space – hands – face and be safe while in touch virtually.

If I were health minister I think I’d vaccinate key workers first – those whose work brings them face to face with many – so that those on the edge of despair can have a chat with an inoculated shopkeeper, be in contact with safe carers, be in education with protected mentors and play football with sports coaches.

But I am very glad I am not: the health minister; a carer; in need of care and support which is unavailable; locked in in a dysfunctional relationship; unwell or a young parent.

I am none the less having quite a lot of trouble feeling hopeful and being motivated despite my luck.

We are all social animals – and fighting and arguing to support polarised views seems to be a viral ailment, a symptom of fear and uncertainty as much as frustration and grief, capable of perpetuating an imbalance which saves fewer lives than all safety measures intend, when all factors are accounted for including much over-looked whole-person-health. Suicide rates are rising.

Preaching here.

While we wait for clear leadership, and in my view we need a separate apolitical body for health and to depoliticise the nhs immediately:

Stay safe and well. Phone a friend. Be kind. Beat a cushion not your keyboard – there’s a person on the end of every screen.

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