in lieu of

Covid Muses

– do you miss the stuff that used to be enacted round the kitchen table – chats – coffee – life?

Just someone else’s mess in the house or mud/armpits/dramas/joys/face/dress sense/addictions/obsessions/affairs/errors/successes/awards/contractual wins/love stuff/hair do/difference/similarity/arguments/making one think/

I miss the odd now and then – the odd drop in with a surprise – a nasty bit of spite or a bunch of flowers – good or bad (tbh I’d take a slap in the face in lieu of bugger all)

Or those you used to dread, popping in with their clumsiness/stupid daft opinions expressed across your table/changing the music for stuff you don’t like/bad breath/bad taste/great taste/nice scent/cool strides/putting the wrong rubbish in the right bin/generally being human and messy with a disproportionate love of dogs/cats/offspring/donkeys/political campaigns/pop stars –
The ordinary.
I do.

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