Un-wrest Covid’s unrest

within a year, I’d got the lot: 

Tourette’s & ADHD;

anorexia, assumed bulimia, probably;

dreadful heart disease; 

lung cancer and hypertension;

terrible anxieties – 

turning left at intersections, rather than the right, certain that the clutch would seize imagining the telegrams the children would receive;

convinced by all the media warnings: health services were on their knees, and would bu simply could not, manage those bereaved: deaths of those who’d died, deprived the simple human contact every living person needs; those whose cares have multiplied as theirs

mothers of sons, not survivd in time to say goodbye – unburied – unmourned – unrested – un wept


Covid’s unrest.

One thought on “Un-wrest Covid’s unrest

  1. Covid didn’t just snowball, it started an avalanche, which is conveyed to well in the layout of your poem. Anxiety is a familiar symptom. I love the wordplay at the end.


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