Some easy grammar ease. 

A sentence is a group of words that make sense on their own. A paragraph’s some sentences that also make some sense alone.

A subject’s I or this, adressed assumed to be the author-ity; an object’s you or it or that discussed, reviewed; a verb is something we all do or can’t or just wouldn’t have or describes an act; an adverb adds a hint of how  the act was carried on while adjectives add detail to a noun which might be replaced by a pronoun in use, abstract, dead, alive and a person too – a big or stupid man perhaps, a living mother, or that man who took the best from you and no one really needs to decide which part of speech took part in such an act. 

Writing’s speech made visible – a permanently visible object and a form of ‘you’ – don’t feel your ‘paper you’ must live by misappropriated rules suggested by well-meaning fools – 

Cry your speech and bleed your paper cuts – don’t allow your language use to mute you  or to use, abuse, erase-reform an elemental ‘us’.

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