Eve and Newton tend to agree

Sugar, spice, newts and toads … 

Possibly if myths proposed 

newts and toads were the spice of life, 

their inverse being sugary sweet, 

and being nice the very worst vice,

men might not possess their girls,

daddies’ alter-egos might live their lives quite authentically – and feel no need to hitch a ride on their girls’ vicariously. 

daughters might not resent their mums for passing on inadequacy, or say that dads are the only ones who’ve really had their backs

women might not love their sons too much for having fun on their behalf while they were busy shelling peas with no time to be who they wanted to be – and find they have no need to be pillion on their sons’ road trips, quashing toads as recompense for bitter-sweet years spent, trying to be nice

sons might not despise their dads for running away and not coming back to give them what they had never had – and not feel the need to absolve themselves for their mothers’ pain.

as even eve and newton agree,

and prove with evidenced gravity,

the problem’s the solution,

and whatever they both might be,

they fall from the same tree.

it doesn’t take a physicist

or testament to show

that myths create the problems to suit their stories’ needs.

if love were not a problem then what might become of eve, living perfectly happily, realised – complete,

it had to seem a problem that she might seek a cure,

and so it is, it’s evident – that love is all life needs, to open up perception to all still yet unseen, yet when it is distrusted or bitterly withheld, forms of realisation shape a form of living hell.

Love’s really not the problem and if it is, it’s true, it is the solving antidote to the problem too.

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