just do it

Whatever it is, just do it!

I spent three months not doing it.

Now I have, my life has changed.

I’d spent so long not doing it,

I might never have done it again.

I tackled the kitchen drain, I joined a course, filed for divorce,
I completed some god awful pdf task for the boss, online, or committed to riding a horse and crossing the Devonshire moors in the sole company of an equine friend, or submitted a request for promotion again;
I looked under the bonnet and booked the car in for an mot, or perhaps that was me: or I threw my memoirs in the kitchen bin and poured the very last of the gin down the sink,
I drew a line under the past, or a graph,

or I drew up a will
I told them what a loser I consider them still,

or I saved a friend who was on the brink,

or finally I said just what I feel
about their ridiculous electoral bill.

Whatever you think I did,
is not the point of this.
The point is that
I did it and
ease is born of grit.

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