Dear Lord

Dear Lord and Father

of mankind and also of me too,

before my humble confessions

I’ve a mind to take issue with you:

about our blocked up sinuses and aching ill formed backs, evolution’s proof your original plan lacked 


you will neither admit or, god forbid, redress – 

this or confess that your invention of the fallen angels, satan and the rest, allowing  paradise to become the dreadful mess which all our climate activists simply can’t arrest – is of your behest

and about the worst of all – the fatal inate flaw – the divisive tendencies you gave to all humankind – poorly named and even worse, atrociously  designed, might well have been avoided, had you spent a little longer on the prototype.

God, I am relying on you – I’m buying all the hype – a final desperate plea – I beg you for forgiveness for all I’ve failed, it’s true – and if, as if, there really is a god, 

then now I call on you,

hoping you might find a way

to offer some redemption

and forgive yourself, some day

offering salvation

for the mess you made. 

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