August – 2021 – A Bank Holiday at last. 

It’s been a while since my own local town and many others partied, and perhaps some argued all night and woke up, stunned with a gripe, reaching for Alka Selster as many might have done with the tinnitus of yesterday’s music,  and the nitty gritty of being almost human again, echoing as kettles toiled.

We have become accustomed to divisive fights online and now – again outside – forget sometimes there is no hint of proof that any of us is independent yet – a few have private sources now of water, light and gas, not air or refuse reclamation – such arrangements seem to be made as if under cover of darkness- made while waking journalists prepare to share a script about bank holidays / witnessing how they are tidied away by two men in a jeep / while all small towns sleep /

Yet still I have my say and offer sage Bank Holiday advice to parents of all forms and to theirs also to; the genres grown now from just step or single or bereaved to grand-parent or step and guardian or day care stand in, registered and calendared or suffered by an other; co-parents and any of their lovers as well as all the divorced and any born of all, or any form of parent imaginable at all, advice –

I urge you not not to, even once more –

just do not –

Don’t text.  

Don’t text each other,

Vexed or

late at night – 

Don’t  start divisive fights – 

But do

Fess-up – instead.


sometimes the animal – 

the angry one 

at home on the phone – 

is just as out of line


the human brain 

is lumbered with 

an animal inside

that still


despite itself

at times



and her


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