A tribute to Sue and Gordon Kind – Rosanna Ley and all who know what love is.

The week, delayed by covid’s griefs, once finally released, to join my Finca family, was terrifying in advance; my mind makes paradise a hell.

I knew full well, if I could steal the courage to leave home, I’d find I’d been too long alone, brooding over miseries, the pasts’ nostalgic governance, stories which had strangled me, might loose their hold and I would find a way to be, once in warm kind company, that Sue and Gordon, generously, make of each community; – a temporary family without the usual histories of gripes & long held miseries that limit possibility.

The week, now past, informs a positivity – rewriting life – and setting free demons in my head; lending ease – and giving me, a sense that each of us might feel more loveable in company.

I’ll be home alone again,
but carrying the memories
of loving friends
who’ll live in me
perhaps eternally.

Thank you Jan, for humbling me,
saving me, again;
Thank you for the alchemy
of elemental friends
born beneath the Carob tree;
All warm love and gratefully,
Thank you all for welcoming me

All my love Cherry.


March 2022

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